I am a wife, mom, daughter and a sister.  I am a christian and proud member of the Texas A&M class of 2004.  My husband and I grew up together in a small town called Alvin just near the coast.  We both attended Texas A&M together.  We had always dreamed of moving to the hill country to raise our family.  My husband and I have been blessed with two beautiful girls.  Our family loves the great outdoors.  

I began my teaching career with an amazing team of reading interventionist after I finished my student teaching.  I was very intimidated to join this amazing team of teachers on my campus but they needed an extra hand while a teacher was out on maternity leave.  I am so glad I stepped up to the challenge.  I learned so much from this experience.  After several months of working with this amazing team I was ready to accept my first teaching position.  I accepted a kindergarten position at a Title 1 school.  I taught kindergarten for four years.  Teaching kindergarten was everything I dreamed of and more!  I loved my "littles"!  After having some time at home with my own two children,  I decided to come back and try something a little bit different.  I taught second grade for 5 years before accepting a position as a Gifted & Talented Coordinator for LHISD.  I am now entering my 13th year as a teacher.  My second year as a Gifted and Talented teacher.  I believe in allowing students to learn through exploration and creativity. When we allow students to guide their own learning, we can accomplish anything!!  My students  push me everyday to be a better teacher, a better human being!  

Being a wife, mom, and teacher are not easy!  I am honored that God has chosen me  for this journey in life.  I strive each day to make a difference, to make an impact, to touch someone's heart.  I hope you will get to know me and follow me on my journey.